Billing + Credit Card + Rewards question


Sorry if I posted that in the wrong section. I can’t find a billing support forum.

I have about $50 in rewards that I want to use to pay part of my annual hosting plan before the next AutoPay cycle runs.

Should I apply them right now, and my card will be charged with the rest of the hosting plan cost on Jan 21, 2008?




If you go into the Manage Account section of Billing in the panel, does it show a credit? I’m Rewards-deficient, so I’ve never seen how it appears. If you have a credit, then the auto-pay should take your credit and then charge the rest.



it looks like this

That’s under the “Make Payment” section. I don’t know if I just must apply to it, it will show a credit and will be taken in count the next billing cycle.


I don’t think you have to apply the rewards now. You can use your rewards anytime when you want to purchase anything from DH.

Rewards that you apply to your bill can not be cashed out!

Remember DH offers 97 days guarantee. If your referral cancel their plan, your rewards will be canceled as well.

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Your rewards can either be cashed out, applied to your bill, or sit around in your rewards account.

  1. In the “Cash Out Your Rewards” option in the “Home>Rewards” section of the panel, you can have your rewards automatically cashed out to your Paypal account.
  2. In “Billing>Make a Payment”, you can manually apply any or all of your Rewards balance to your billing account.
  3. If you just wait until your billing date, Dreamhost will automatically first apply funds from your Rewards account, then bill using your autobill payment method.

The one thing that happens sometimes is if you have your account set to automatically cash out your Rewards balance, it can get cashed out before your billing date and so you’d have no money in your Rewards account to pay your bill, but as long as you haven’t activated the “Cash Out Your Rewards” feature, your Rewards balance will automatically be applied when your bill comes due!

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