Billing and my account

Okay. So I began with DreamHost a while back, made my WebID and stuff…the whole bit. Anyway, as I was checking out a plan, I accidentally “bought” it. However, I never paid for anything on the account.

I recently figured DreamHost was the right choice for me, seeing as my old host went apeshit and closed. I tried to make a new plan with a promotional code so I saved money. I paid for this via PayPal.

Now, I would like to know why none of the DreamHost features are working. I can’t add users or email addresses or anything. I think it’s trying to use my other plan which I haven’t paid for, so admins…could you please delete that plan from my account? I haven’t paid anything on it at all, nor have I used it, so I don’t really owe you anything.

Here is the contact page to get ahold of sales.
Good luck,