Billing; An Issue?

I’m currently host-hunting, and have narrowed down my candidates to two, one being (obviously), DreamHost. Almost all the reviews I have read have been dripping with praise, and after asking a few friends about which hosts they’d recommend, two of three said DreamHost. I have read a few negative reviews, though, so I wanted to ask a question concerning what I have read.

I’ve heard that the billing department has made several errors and I recall one review calling them ‘incompetent’. Have these errors been addressed, what were they (as the review did not specify) and exactly how many occurances have there been?

Other than this issue, I have heard nothing but praise for this host, so I can nearly guarentee I will become a customer. All the same, I’d like to hear what you have to say concerning this issue.
Thank you for your time,
Teki Star

I recall that there was one very irate ex-customer who wrote a lot in the forums for some days. That was extraordinary.

In a word, Dreamhost just works. Specifically for billing, I’ve just had another positive experience: I paid for my next year of hosting and got the usual 12*$9.95 bill. Then I recalled having seen the price “$7.95” somewhere, and found that it applies if you pay for two years rather than one. I asked billing@dh about that, and they said I should simply upgrade my plan to the same plan but with 2-year billing, then pay the remainder. That’s it. Quick, simple, friendly, no hassles. If everything was that simple … just imagine.

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I’ve used DH since 1997. I have added features to a plan, upgraded it twice, removed features, used the referral program to make some of the payments, asked them to give me some grace period on the due date on my plan so the next month’s of referrals would pay for it… never had a billing issue.

ditto on the 3 prev posts from me