Big Trouble Not viewing my page after uploading


I have just uploaded a file (nav.html) on dream host server but the file is not found on the browser.

Kindly resolve the this issues

Andre Thomas


Now is really a lot of info for use to work with.

Where did you upload it to?
What is your URL?
Have you linked it correctly?
Is it your first page or a link?
and more …


You probably put it in the wrong place.

Are you sure you logged into the correct user? You can check this by going to manage domains in the panel and looking in the column labeled “web hosting”

(replace all caps with your info)

when you log into the ftp sever, you will be placed in the directory /home/USER/

in that directory you should see a directory created by the system called DOMAINNAME.COM, change to that directory.

upload your nav.html here

Now in your browser navigate to DOMAINNAME.COM/nav.html

the previous poster ronthai is correct, this is a discussion forum for users to help other users, you must give all the information to receive help. If by “Kindly resolve the this issues” you meant that you expected to post here and have dreamhost magically “fix” it for you then you are wrong, you must open a ticket with customer support for that.