Big problems with Dreamhost service!

I have submitted 3 support tickets, and have gotton NO RESPONSE.

I make my living through my website, so this is unacceptable service. Finally,
I am requesting a “call-back” that is a pay for some service.

When will dreamhost call me back?

btw: I have done everything they suggested on their “suggestions” list - like
make sure there is no an emergency shutdown listed on their status page, make sure
my acct is up-so-date (paid for), etc… So the problem is NOT obvious.

I am VERY unhappy w/ the customer service. I CANNOT afford to have a website that
is down for more than 16 hours straight!

What error do you receive when browsing to the site? Got a link?


Again, I apologize for the frustration and delay.
I replied to your other forum post here:

We will be contacting you shortly.

Thank you

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

thanks, xSi and Justin for responding.

My site is:

I just got a call from the Support staff at Dreamhost. The tech said that my acct is currently empty, and thought it was because my acct was moved to a new server
(Louisa) more than a month ago. I told him that could NOT be the problem because
my website has been working fine since yesterday afternoon at 4pm!

I cannot even ftp into my acct, but I can ping and

The tech did not know what the problem was. He said he would call me back.
I really hope they help me resolve this problem soon.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Looks like the IP attached to your domain is indeed louisa. I get a generic Coming Soon page (empty domain) when browsing to your site right now. It might be that you were moved to a new server but the DNS wasn’t updated with the new IP. Good to know there’s a tech looking into it - I’m sure they’ll have it all sorted out soon.