Big problem!


I have a big problem with my hosting! I have already sent a support ticket, but I want to explain it to you all. I just got a website downtime/outage today, and now my forum database gets errors. This is the second time that this has happened. The first time it has happened, I deleted my database and restored it with an older one. So basically, my site had a rollback situation and was running smoothly. Now that there was another outage about 20 minutes ago, I get the same errors I did last time. I am going to have to rollback my site again… This really sucks! I was hoping the webhost was more stable than this. This is bad and I think it is definately going to kill my website.


I’d contact DH support outlining what you have said here and that it is a reoccurrance (providing you contacted DH last time) of the same issue you had previously .

If it is exactly the same problem all over again it could be a hardware problem with your server.

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