BIG PROBLEM with my account!


I’ve been using dream host for more than 2 years, I love it, but this time, I’m totally upset!

I found that my account need to be renewed on April 9th, and then I renewed it through google checkout. But the status of GC is still in process! I don’t know why does it take so long to confirm.

Second, I then found that Dreamhost automatically charged me through my credit card for one month.

BUT, the problem is that I could not login to my FTP server or open my website, what’s wrong with my account?

My account is, and my website is

Please help me check, and let me know the solution. Thanks.


This is a customer to customer forum, so there really isn’t anything we can do to help you. You should contact support directly to get this all sorted out.

Best of luck!


I could not even ping your site.

Are you still able to log in to DH panel. If so, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support.

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Thanks, but how can I contact them? I don’t see any phone numbers…


Have you tried contacting them through the panel?

Failing that, you could always try the contact form:

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