Big Problem with FTP after VPS

Hi Dreamhost Team,

I have a huge problem! I tried the VPS for one day, and I decided to come back to the sharehosting. My ID change 2times.

The big problem know, is when I try to edit files FTP on my websites like or nothing happened in wordpress admin area, nor in websites.

For instance in, I add a new plugin cache : Fast cache, and delete the other one WP-super-cache, but it’s still here, and Fast cache is not appering. I also try to delete files, FTP keep informations

Its like the FTP is linked to my old websites ID, somewhere else, I don’t know.

I try to contact the support but nobody respond to the chat.

How long ago did the change back occur? It’s possible DNS is not fully propagated yet.

Are you ftp’ing to your domain name? or your