Big problem with fax!

I just purchased at Dreamhost and I received a mail asking me for a fax. I live in France. I have completed the paper but the number you gave me (001 323-583-9505) doesn’t work ! There is a woman speaking that the number isn’t available… I worry because I am really happy with your special offer and I don’t want to lose it ! So please help me ! What could I do ? Send a scan of the fax ? Did I do a wrong number (is the prefix 001 wrong ?).
It’s an emergency !
Thank you a lot !

Try replacing the 002 prefix with whatever number you need to dial to send an international fax from France (check with your phone company, if necessary). For example, from Australia (where I am), to send a fax to DH, the number I must dial is 0015-1-323-583-9505 (0015=international fax; 1=country code for the USA where DH is; 3235839505=DH’s actual fax number).
All the best, and happy holidays. :slight_smile:

And try it as a normal phone call first (If you get a person, it’s wrong. If get a fax tone, it’s right). That’ll save a lot of time.