Big problem to a little website


I want to protect a directory of my site with .htaccess and I do it with the control panel (goodies->htacces/webdav). But now I have a new problem: In this directory I have a blog and an album (WordPress and Coppermine) and these don’t work well now (uploads not avalaible, files don’t rewritables, and other).

What I can do?

thank you for explains me like I was a cow trying to drive a starship in a glasswork shop: slowly and calmly :wink:


That’s incredible but I find alone the answer:

In the Dreamhost Control Panel->Goodies->Htaccess/Webdav
in the text box: “Domains that may still link:
(One per line, no “www” necessary) (of course!)” I put the domain of my Mysql Database.

darzee, sometimes i’m afraid of myself