Big Loads....Grrr

Well, after problems with uploading and disk space on DH we have VERY BIG LOADS:

top - 08:52:26 up 27 days, 18:17, 15 users, load average: 4.38, 44.89, 197.75

So, what are you ppl thinking?
No any reply, no any annoucement on dreamhoststatus…

BTW, Iam on amp.

Those numbers mean the load’s going down. They’re listed as averages in the last: 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, and 15 Minutes. So your current load is at about 5.


Its still VERY big load…
There should be not more than 1.00

On a dedicated server, maybe, but then that wouldn’t be taking advantage of the capacity. My Mac’s running at about .5 right now, and it’s not serving anything.

Is your site slow right now? My server (garth) is at about 2 and my site’s quite zippy.


As Scott already pointed out, that “1.00” number might be true for a dedicated server, but a shared host using multiple processors and NFS is more appropriately evaluated differently. I start to get concerned around “5.00”, and my Dreamhost server is almost never that high. :wink:


The old saw of < 1.0 doesn’t really hold anymore with multicore cpus. Theoretically < #cores should get about optimal performance.

Don’t forget to check the idle CPU too.

I concur that I want low load averages and 100 is a bit too high under all conditions.