Big file uploads via PHP


I’m building a web application which would require the user to upload some large files (200-250 MB).

Does anyone know if there is a max execution time or file size for PHP uploads?

Thanks !


You have to use your own php.ini to do this

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There are instructions for doing a custom install off php for your site on the dreamhost wiki:

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I really think you’re going to have trouble doing that on a shared hosting server when the process killer comes by and cuts you off because your processes have gone over 100M.

People have raised the limits, but we think there’s a fundamental problem with the way php handles uploads in that keeps everything in memory until the upload is complete.

This does not play well on shared servers.

Does anyone know anyone that’s succeeded in upping it past 100M and not getting killed by the process killer?

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I’ve tried (just for the hell of it) a few times now and haven’t gotten anywhere. The largest file I uploaded was roughly 91megs, and it got killed twice before finally working :stuck_out_tongue:

As some others have pointed out in the past, using an alternative application like Uber-Uploader, would probably better (best?) suit the OP’s needs in such situations over using PHP-based uploading scripts :wink:

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: