Beyond frustrated with email


After 10 years as a Dreamhost customer, service has been terrible since the crashes that happened in late December/early January 2012.

Email has never recovered. Hardly a week goes by when someone doesn’t email me to ask if I received an email they sent to me earlier in the week.

Since Dreamhost does not keep any logs that go back beyond 3 days, many of these issues have been unable to be investigated. What’s more, I can’t say that anyone seems interested in figuring out what’s happening. The reaction seems to be shrugging and going, “Uh, sorry, nothing much we can do…”

Hence, the reason I’m here. I have never changed an email setting whatsoever prior to when these email troubles started, so I don’t know why my email settings would suddenly be the problem, but I’m trying to cover my bases.

Is there any way that some kind of setting I’ve got in the latest version of Mail for Mac is keeping my email from getting through? Nothing is in my spam folder. When I log in to webmail, I don’t even have a spam folder. Maybe that’s the problem (though there never was a problem until their crashes in late 2011).

They claim to have moved me to a new server at my request to be moved to the same one that my boyfriend is on. I wonder if that actually ever happened, because my boyfriend is never missing mail, and I am missing mail on a weekly basis. Can anyone here tell me how I can actually look to see what email server I’m on? I can see which machine my web files are hosted on, but that’s not the same as the email server.


Dreamhost management is also frustrated with email, and they suggest that customers consider using Gmail (in the version which used to be called “Google Apps For Your Domain”, which allows your own domain name as the domain part of the email address).

[quote]People say nobody under 30 uses email anymore. It’s all IM, SMS, writing on facebook walls, twittering, phone, fax, paper mail, pheromones, pony expess, and smoke signals.

Well, I really hope that’s the case, and that as time goes on we’ll have less and less damn email to deal with!

Sending email. Checking Email. Delays. Spam. Filtering. Email forwarding. Mailing lists. Announcement lists. Archiving email. Automatic Emails. Form-to-email. Catch-alls. URGH!

It’s enough to make a poor host want to give up on providing it at all!

Speaking of which… we have recently made some steps in that general direction.


Yeah, in a way we are taking some steps to stop providing email. It’s just not something people are looking for from us, and it’s something the big free email providers like Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google can do better.

Did somebody say… Google? In fact, as you’ve maybe already seen, we recently made it very easy to use Gmail for all your email hosting with us, still at your own domain![/quote]

This blog entry was not dated April 1st so they presumably mean it.

Note, in the comments following the blog entry, there are also some strongly expressed arguments against using Gmail. Could be worth discussing.



Thanks, Tom!

Frankly, while this process is inconvenient, I can’t help but think that if I’d just been told to do this months ago, I could have avoided a few email snafus.

I imagine Dreamhost would say that they “did tell me” via the blog…wish I had time to sit around reading the Dhost blog all day, but…