Better Web Stats?

Can you install better web stats? I would like one that does live reporting of who’s on - etc?

I installed awstats (honestly don’t know why DH doesn’t use it by default) and haven’t had a problem. It lets you update on the fly, so it may give you some of what you want. But if you’re talking about live reporting of who’s on your site, that is a different beast. Should work fine if you can find what you want as a PHP or Perl script.

The main reason is that it uses up a lot more resources than Analog.

So, I’m trying to install awstats, and It wants the full config file path of the web server (default is /etc/httpd/apache.conf)-- poking around on the computer, and on the forums, but can’t seem to find it – any suggestion? It seems that other people have been able to install it without problems, and didn’t mention this problem . . .