Better validation for enabling CloudFlare in control panel

According to…

Using the Free CF option on subdomains is not possible, but the control panel still allows you to make that choice. Also, CF will not work with subdomain unless the main domain has it enabled also, which the CP does not enforce.

I didn’t know this, and wasted several days waiting for CF to generate a Universal certificate, which never happened.

I’d like to understand this a bit more… I tried myself to activate CloudFlare on a subdomain. A few hours ago I went to my control panel account, activated CF on a subdomain ( for the first time. I didn’t have a CF account, created everything new: there is no CF on my domain After a few hours, I see that the DNS records for are showing suffix.

On CloudFlare side, I’m waiting for a SSL certificate to be issued (see image below). Is this SSL the one that you’re saying never arrived?


Yep, I waited for days. Also received random errors from the DH CP when enabling CF.

This definitely looks like a bug. I’ve filed a ticket internally. Thanks for reporting it!

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