Better stats program

Hey there - does anyone know how to set up a bit more robust stats program with my log files?

Has anyone done this? I’d love to see more charts - and see what pages are getting errors, etc.

Maybe there’s something free I can do - or (small fee) pay services that take my log files & do nice things with them? :slight_smile:

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!!

~ Willo

Oops - I wasn’t logged in. Reply to this one so it notifies me - THANKS!! :slight_smile:


I’ve heard pretty good things about awstats (

Ya, I’d love to use that! I’m quite daunted by the set up though… I don’t understand how to install it.

Has anyone done it?

I just tried to start the download of the .exe & it said it needed a Perl (identifier?)

I’m obviously not a coder - I’m a designer!! I can sorta get into this stuff - but this one is feeling big and unknown… any pointers to get started?

At least tell me if I can actually “install” this for my site - and if so - when they say myvirtualhostname - is that my URL?

I’m sure I’m sounding really newbie. :slight_smile: I’m just not much of a coder. Any advice you can give is welcome.

~ w

Thanks Will!!! I just set up awstats (it was painless!) and now won’t have to try and guess the details of the IP’s anymore. This script is amazing.

As far as setup, I downloaded the zip file and configured it offline. Yep, in reply to the next post, the myvirtualhostname part is your url (I used without the www in front, but don’t know if that matters). The zip file comes with thorough setup instructions.