Better software for this forum

The forum software used by Dreamhost is to say the least horrid. There is no way to easily see new posts, or what sections there are new posts in. It doesn’t remember which posts I’ve already read etc. This probably all goes to reduce the number of people who actively participate on the forum.

Can we please switch to something like Invision Power Board?

I’d be happy to volunteer my time to migrate the content/user accounts of the current forum to a new forum package.

Oddly, I assumed that DH had created this software in house, which would explain why it was used, so was very supprised to hear that it’s an off the shelf package.


There’s plenty of chatter on this around if you wanna read through. I’m sure it’s on the todo list somewhere but a lot of people are fine with this minimalist environment.

It does everything you say it doesn’t by the way, so I’m a bit confused. May not do it as IPB does but you’ll figger it out soon enough I’m sure.


Hi Jason,

Interesting, as I was thinking the same thing as the OP. Can you please show me how I can see all posts since my last visit? That would make things so much easier.


“see all posts since my last visit” ?!?! That’s new-fangled board talk :smiley:

I was referring to the main forum page that shows the new posts in the posts column (# new) and the “View recent messages” strip across the top for 24 hrs, 48hrs, 7 days. Once you drill down into a forum the threads with new posts are clearly marked.


Uh huh,

Thanks. It’s an imporvement to what I was doing, but still lacking imho. :slight_smile:


I actually quite like this software. The main page displays clearly what forums have new posts and threads, and it’s simple, easy to use, and not cluttered.

But I also have a prejudice against Invision Power Board. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know what the problem was since I was not an administrator, but I’ve been a user of it at two different forums that were both down more often than they were up while using IPB. Maybe it’s improved since then, but I’d be very leery if the DH honchos started talking about switching to it.