Better e-mail blocking/filtering, please!

I don’t know about everybody else, but…

  • I need a way to block e-mails by TOP-LEVEL domain. I’m suddenly getting a lot of spam from “.top” addresses. Yes, I know that if I get e-mails from, say, “,” I can blacklist “” to block all e-mails from, but I need to block all .top domains.

  • How about a way to block based on language??? I get an obscene amount of spam from Brazil, and I’d love to be able to blacklist, say, all emails written in Portuguese.

  • The filtering is, quite frankly, not much use. Looks like you can filter on “contains” and “does not contain,” but nothing else. If filtering also allowed “starts with” or “ends with,” that would actually solve about 90% of my spam problems.

The better solution is to get paid email (i.e. not free) elsewhere. Dreamhost offers shared email as a service, but it’s not there primary business and frankly for not much money, you can do better elsewhere. Office 365 home or google apps are the major players.

I use office 365 home, at $4/month per user… that supports multiple domains and addresses. Basically you need a lisc for each USER that needs to log in but you aren’t limited in terms of domains, email addresses, etc.

Dreamhost email hasn’t changed much in years…

Switching email service isn’t feasible if you have your business on Dreamhost at and you want to be in email.

I just wish we had a baysian filter (kinda like Thunderbird) - which would allow you to either “Delete” or “Trash” an email - when you “Trash” it, the system looks at the email source, title and content and learns how to avoid emails that look kinda like emails you trashed in the past. It worked amazingly well for me back when I could use a dedicated email client - but it would be just wonderful to have that in a webmail interface.

No manual white-listing/black-listing, personalized to what I want to read and what I don’t - solves the problems of the bad guys sending email from a different domain every day. You can even train it on your existing spam folder.

RoundCube supports it - although I have no idea how to turn it on. But I don’t think either squirrel or the new thing have it.

Why not? I did. Many others have also pointed email elsewhere. It’s true there are no good Free options. The problem with free is that it attracts every spammer on the planet.

With Office 365 Home the move was simple. Create your account online and go through the setup wizard, when you get to DNS it looks up the domain you want to move and tells you exactly what to add, and if conflicting records exist. It’s really pretty straightforward, you make the changes it directs you to make and then wait for propagation, once you can return to that page and see all green checks your email is moved away from dreamhost.

and yes you can run multiple domains and have unlimited aliases and shared mailboxes that don’t cost extra.

you can also install your own copy of roundcube and customize it however you want. I doubt the stock shared dreamhost install of roundcube has that installed, it’s likely a plugin.

I’m with same problem. Include top level domain “.science”. I’m from Brazil and receiving spam from other countries and top levels like “.us”, “.tk”, “.com”, “.net”. Language is not a good filter for me, but countries top levels could be (like in Outlook).

Thank you.

I second the notion: let us block top-level domains!

I have some pretty extensive filters and blacklists, but a TON of spam is getting through, and most of it is from the .WIN domain. Fake political headlines, diabetes cures, solar panels, and that damned military-grade flashlight – it’s a daily glut of the same B$. It’s all filtered to a junk mail folder so it’s easily sorted for me but it’s still taking up space until I get to it, and it builds up rapidly.

Since almost 99% is coming from one top-level domain (.WIN), then please give us the tools to block everything from it! Blacklisting individual domains is useless when spammers are just rotating addresses every day.