Better customer support?

Lately customer support has drastically deteriorated. For one week I have tried unsuccessfully (time-out) to solve a serious problem by chat. Support tickets, if at all, get answered with a latency of 2 - 3 days. The answers are often superficial and not useful.
In the past, Dreampress support had been exemplary. I dream of returning to those halcyon days.

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It’s not just Dreampress. All support has gone down hill.

A couple years ago support requests would be answered the first day & usually resolved within a couple days; now it’s closer to weeks.

This seems to happen with a lot of hosting companies. They all start off really well, keeping the needs of their customers a priority. After all, it’s the paying customers who make the company profitable.

Then as the company bennefits from this income and grows bigger & bigger, the customer’s needs become marginalized.

This is why I 've had to move to new hosts so many times.

Yes, Dreampress is my second hosting company in ten years. I moved here from Bluehost when its service went down the drain after a corporate takeover. Now ‘its déjà vue all over again’ to quote Yogi Berra.
I don’t know how much more substandard support I can take before having to move on again. Its just such a hassle each time.