Best/worst place to register a .us domain


I’m thinking of registering a .us domain and hosting it on my existing acct at DH.

Since DH does not register .us domains…

Can anybody recommend (for or against) another registrar?

Thanks for any advice…


#3 - $7.95 - $8.88

I’ve used both of those places for years and never had any problems.

Here are coupon codes for both, but I don’t know if they’ll work with .us domains or not.

Godaddy: DIGG or Amazon-2 (try both)

Namecheap: EVENLOWER

I’ve used those with .com registrations and they worked. If either expired, you should be able to google something that works.

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Just don’t host at Godaddy - they will “filter” your email for you in the name of phishing security and you’ll never get some valid emails - and you won’t even know they were bounced. Don’t get me started :slight_smile:

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Be sure to check out iPower (Aff Link).

They currently have a special with the first years registration only costing $2.95, with WHOIS privacy provided free.

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Never register ANY domain from
They basically hike up the price of registration because they were lucky enough to happen to get that domain. $35 for a year!? Rip off!


Do you know if and are the same companies? Their designs and plans are identical, however footers note different incorporations.


I believe iPower is wholly owned by iPowerWeb.

I have no idea why they have things structured as two separate entities, but I guess it must be beneficial to them in some way.

Pay just [color=#CC0000]$22.40[/color] for 1 year Dreamhost hosting, use promo-code [color=#CC0000]MOJO97[/color]
Save [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] on all 1 and 2 year plans!! (Max saving on monthly plans too!!)


worst = networksolutions
they take all your money.

best = godaddy
they leave you with some.

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It’s amazing how fast the Best can go to Worst and vice versa. GoDaddy was the best for a number of years, but over the course of just 18 months, it has plummeted to nearly the bottom just like NetworkSolutions.

GoDaddy’s Superbowl ad, “everybody wants to work in marketing,” must have been true, because there are obviously almost no clueful engineers left, now that the bra-strap-popping marcom monkies have taken over.

If you use any anonymizing proxies, you are sure to have infinite problems and lockouts at GoDaddy. That never used to happen. I’ve moved all my registrations here to DH and only wish they had .us here, as well.

So, I go to namecheap only to get:

Sign Up Restricted

Dear Customer,

For security reasons we are using some policies that restricted you from signing up
now on this website. Reasons might include but not limited to

  • Using Anonymous Proxy
  • Restricted IP Address
  • Invalid referral information e.t.c.,

If you using an anonymous proxy server, please access the site directly to signup
without these issues. Also, if you have typed the address directly into your browsers
address bar, please consider clicking on the ‘Login’ link on top and then choosing
’Sign up for a free account link’.

It is also certainly possible for you to sign-up for an account by contacting us. Please
send us an e-mail with your Name and contact information, and we will try to setup
an account for you as soon as possible.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Sincerely, Support

It’s no inconvenience at all, at least not for me. NO PRIVACY, NO CASH FROM ME, PERIOD. Why do I have to blast my packets to everyone between me and NameCheap just to get a cheap domain name? Any site that punishes customers for protecting their privacy with legit tools like Anonymizer TNS automatically jumps to the very bottom of the list.

To sum up this thread, so far:

Best (maybe): ipower ($6.50), dotster ($14.95)
Worst: GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions
Stupidest: NameCheap (punishes privacy), ($35.00!!!)


[quote]Be sure to check out iPower (Aff Link).

They currently have a special with the first years registration only costing $2.95, with WHOIS privacy provided free.
The $2.95 offer ended some time ago, they are now $6.50 at iPower.

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Did you happen to look at the date on the post you were replying to? :wink:


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Hehe, obviously not. :smiley:

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good question :wink:

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personally, I’ve been using Yahoo! I’d also say GoDaddy is up there, but I’ve had a Y! account for so long. The reg through Melbourne IT… cheap won’t be more than $9.95 / year. I realize you could pay less going with GoDaddy, Yahoo! may be purchased by Microsoft some day, but I don’t see them going out of business.

I’m so lazy sometimes I just buy the domain through Yahoo without even kicking back from my affiliate account.

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If you register on Godaddy, and host it here… Godaddy can’t filter your emails <<

The webhost controls all emails, so you can’t have that issue, unless you leave it parked on GoDaddy.

I personally have had no problems with GoDaddy. They are decently priced, though, the recent problems with them shutting down a site that they didn’t even host has me … concerned whether or not I should transfer them. I’d transfer them to DH, but I’ve been told to never have your domain’s hosted by your registrar, so I’d prefer to keep them outside of DH.