Best Way to send Web Contact form data via email

I am building a new website and I was wondering what is the suggested best way to send my contact page data via email ?

Once I have an idea of the best practice I will do my best to include it into my site.

Thanks for any advice

I’m not sure what you mean by “send my contact page data via email”. Do you mean that you want a contact page? If so, you can construct that in html simply by using the “form” element. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, there are plugins available for that.

The most important thing to know is your email must be “From” a valid address on your account. This means that you must use a contact form that doesn’t try to send using the email address of the person filling out the form as the “from” address. (That once was a common practice.)

For best results it’s been said the “to” address should also be on your dreamhost account. The problem with non-dreamhost “to” addresses is that some spam filters may see the originating mail IP as being a spammy origin.

Like kjodle said tho, you’re probably looking for a contact form plugin for your CMS.