Best Way to put WP Backup from hard drive to new DH account

I have a new DH account. I have a zipped WP backed-up website on my laptop from another host.

What is the best way to upload the WP backup to my DH account, unzip it and then get it live onto the web.

Sorry if this was addressed already. I was unable to find the answer needed.

New to this whole thing,


Do you also have the database?

If so:

  1. Upload all the files to your dreamhost account’s webfolder (/user/yourname/
  2. Create a new Database via panel
  3. Import the old DB content via phpMyAdmin
  4. Edit your wp-config.php to point to the new database

That should be it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.

As simple as this is to you, if a person has no reference point(s) to start it is difficult to figure things out.

But I do really appreciate your response.

Rich S.

I also don’t have a reference point for where you are in all this, so I start basic and hope you’ll come back with a specific question so I know where to go next :slight_smile:

Let’s start at the beginning. Do you know if you have the database backed up as well?

Well, here is the story… in brief.

A friend of mine had his website on another host, (Network Solution). He had someone that took care of the site. That person contacted my friend and said that he no longer would managing my friends site and that he had made a zipped backup copy of the site and put it on Dropbox, (my friends web Network Solution hosting account had expired by this time). The former site manager recommended DreamHost as an alternative hosting site.

This is where I came into the picture. I at least knew a little bit more about websites than my friend so he asked me if I would help him get a DreamHost account and get the site back up and running … after all how difficult could that be? : ) I got started by asking DreamHost if they would give me and hand and they did, (they have been very helpful). Well, it has turned into quite a process and at this point I am stumped at how to get rid of anything that is creating the problem and replacing it with the website backup that I have on my hard drive, (I took the zip backup off Dropbox and put it on my hard drive). The process of getting the site back up and running sounds easy, but not so.

DreamHost support uploaded the original zip file from Dropbox into my Dreamhost webFTP account and unpacked it, but something has glitched and the site has not worked. All I would like to do now is get rid of the bad in my webFTP account and replace it with what works!

I hope this is clear enough to be understood.

Thanks for your willingness to help.

Rich S.

Is this the site in your panel? endow…?

If so, the dbprepare error can be fixed. if it’s a different site, what’s the domain? I can give you more specific directions :slight_smile:

The domain is

In addition to the “warning” at the top of the page, there are several page tabs missing that are there if you hover the mouse cursor over them.

I can access the domain files by going to the DH webFTP Manage Domains backoffice. The site is in the folder Endow in DH webFTP.

Because the zip file was uploaded from Dropbox, I do not have any files/folders in ftp software on my computer - just the zip file that I downloaded from Dropbox onto my hard drive.

Just let me know what else you need to get this fixed.



Good news first: You did the restore correctly! By uploading the zip and expanding it, you got everything except one file up. The missing file is why you have ‘missing’ pages. That missing file is a standard WP file, called .htaccess, which means I was able to restore that for you and now the link work :slight_smile:

The not as good news: The error at the top of the page is because your theme isn’t 100% compatible with WordPress 3.5. This is well documented (and Woo knows about it) - They should have a fix for you, if you go and ask. Since this is a purchased theme, I don’t have access to fix it for you :frowning:

What I can (and did) do was add “@ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0);” to your wp-config.php to hide the error until you’re able to get an updated copy of the code from Woothemes!

You should be good to go!

‘Ipstenu-DH’ … you are genius!!! : )

Thank you sooo much. DH Support was helpful, but you are over the top!

Do you accept donations? If so how, could I do that?

I will check into the updated theme - so perhaps I’ll be in touch.

With Gratefulness,

Rich S.

No need to donate :smiley: Just doing my job here at DreamHost (if you really want to, I’m a huge animal lover, so donating to Animal Acres is my fav place right now. Also Surfrider to clean the ocean)

Will do it! Great causes.

Thanks again,

Rich S.