Best way to move domains


I am working on a project that involves 2 accounts and a handful of domains. I will be moving some domains from Godaddy to dreamhost.

Here’s what I need advice on how to manage this the best way :

1st account is already set up with dreamhost:

A - currently has a domain forwarded to it from godaddy and I would like to transfer this domain completely over.

B - has a secondary domain already with dreamhost and this needs to be made into the primary domain name with transferred domain above (A) forwarded to it

C - 2 other domains need to be transfered over to point to a separate section of this account. For example…the 2 domains above go to their bird project page & these other two domains need to go to their art project page

D - I need to be able to manage payments for these domains, which is separate credit card than the designers and the features they need.

2nd account needs to be set up and domains transferred over :

A - one domain transferred over with a wordpress page setup

B - a second domain transferred over and pointed elsewhere

any advice would be great