Best way to HIDE site while working on it?

Hello, I’m curious of the best way to “hide” the development site while working on the site. Right now, I’ve hidden the site from Google, but its still functionally “live”. Should I do this through a “mirror” process? I do have multiple other domains - isn’t there a way to do this on the backend of another site?

You wouldn’t want to mirror if you already have DreamHost hosting content on the “live” domain.

You would fully host a subdomain of one of your other domains. If you can, the same user for the “live” domain would make it easier.

When you are done with the development, determine what user will host it, and copy the site over to that user. Then update the “fully hosted” settings for the “live” domain to point to that directory. But if it is the same user, just use SFTP/shell to rename web directories, ie “live” -> “old”, “new” -> “live”.

Additionally if you really mean you want to “hide” the site from random surfing, use password protection via your .htaccess file.

You can set that up via the htaccess/webdav tab in the panel (under “goodies”) or manually