Best way to grant developer access to website?

I just created an FTP account for my developer but I am not sure it will work since the panel said new users cannot modify files or folders of existing users.

So what is the best way to provide the developer access to upload the files and test them while I still retain overall account control?

Three choices:

  1. Temporarily change your FTP password so he can log into the account.

  2. Give him his own subdirectory. You already have his FTP password so you still retain control:

  3. Create a joint Group:

Or you can just create a “test” subdomain for dev purposes.


Sorry, I am confused about your response.

I have already myself as an ftp user and have uploaded a temporary web page.

When I create a new ftp user, the screen says Note: New users cannot edit the files or folders of existing users!

If this is the case, how can my developer get access to my top level directory in order to load the web site?

Ideally, I would like to create an account for the developer then have the ability to enable/disable as needed.

Change the domain user’s sftp password to something random and share it with your developer, changing it back to whatever you like after they have completed their work.

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