Best way to do a graphic novel?

What I have in mind is not a blog in the strictest sense. Although I may include some posts (at irregular intervals), I mainly want to post pages. The order in which the reader is directed to each page is how I will control the unfolding of the tale. Some pages will be totally visual, with one or a few image(s) expected to stand alone. Some pages will have a small amount of text to go with the image(s), while I anticipate that a few entries will be at least a dozen paragraphs.

Formats of the text entries will include interviews, transcripts of TV programs, excerpts from a newspaper, and straightforward narrative passages. This is a work of fiction, and the story arcs will be several: some main characters will be re-entering the pages throughout, there will be a military aviation subtheme, and a government corruption scandal is at the heart of the action.

I have most of the jpeg image files done at this time, and an outline of how the story unfolds. Yes, I know what the ending will be.

A blog could be incorporated into this as a way of directing the reader to one of several “channels of discovery” so that anyone who wants to stick close to the graphics (while only reading minimal text) would be able to do that.

I also want to make this (admittedly very non-linear) work appeal to many different tastes, from someone who is captivated by the “soap opera” aspects, to another reader who is more interested in the fictitous country that is the setting, to yet another who is strictly an aviation junkie and wants to follow the exploits of the fighter pilots and daily activities in these make-believe squadrons.

This experiment is not suitable for traditional publishing media. There is an experimental aspect of using traditional storytelling ingredients in unusual ways.

As I mentioned, this tale is graphics-heavy and I anticipate approximately 200+ jpegs of 300-400k file size each.

Am I considering the wrong tool for the job here?

thanks in advance to anyone who waded through my verbosity,

From what I understand it is very well a good solution to use WordPress. WP is very flexible and could do easily all you want. I do think that the most important aspect will be your choice of theme which in my opinion will also need a flexible menu. Not all themes allow additional menu’s so be sure to experiment with the tons of different thems and menu’s out there.

I thought iWeb had a lot of themes, until I started checking out WordPress…

What I forgot to mention is that with WordPress, if you want to change the style, colours and lost of other visual stuff you also might want to learn css, it is not that hard ( Every WP-theme has it’s own css file which can be edited with the admin of WP. Just make sure you always have a backup (copy and paste) when experimenting. It took me about 1 month to get the odds end ends of WP and now I can do just about everything I want with it (as a normal user, not a professional). I must say I did have years of html experience, which helped.

be careful about using any old theme. some have code in them which are not secure, or malware, or worse. Look through the code carefully if downloading from an untrusted source.