Best way to accept payment

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Hey guys,

Just wondering what you guys find the best way to accept online payments.

I am currently exploring paypal. But I cant stand the way they handle there disputes. I could lose so much money using paypal if a customer wants a full return.

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It’s really just best to price around your available options, seeing what things will cost for your specific sales volume. For example, you don’t want a merchant account with a $10 monthly fee if your monthly sales are $8. :wink:

Also, all of your options like credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout,etc… can be reversed by the customer. That’s not just a PayPal thing.

You might also want to correct your sig, since none of the promo codes can knock off more than $50 anymore.

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By all means PayPal. They take 2% off sale under $100, 1.8% off a sale under $500, and 1.5% off 500 or more. Your visitors don’t even have to have a PayPal account to pay…they can just do it with their credit card like any other merchant service. No monthly fees, no surcharges. PayPal is the best. I have also heard good things about Google Checkout, but have not used them personally.


Where are you seeing those rates? This is what I see on their site.

The lowest rate I see is 1.9% and that’s only if you do over $100,000/month.

The volume you have to do to get the lower PayPal rates is where it pays off to go with a merchant account.

Google’s rates look a little better.

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