Best upload mod for Joomla?

I am looking for a Joomla addon that allows me to allow my users to upload and download files.

I am currently using DOCman, and it is pretty nice, but I actually want it to do more then what DOCman is capable of. Not to mention I can’t get one of the upload pages to not look completely horrible.

It also appears as though when you delete an image it doesn’t actually delete the image from the directory…

Basically, I want each user to have their own unique “My Uploads” page, as well as a community page with all uploaded files.

Does anyone know if anything like this exists?

ALSO: DOCman will only allow me to allow uploads of up to 7MB, why is that?

anyone? :frowning:

There are currently over 2000 extensions listed in the extensions directory; you might find something you like there. I have no recommendation for the kind of extension you describe; DocMan has met my needs.

The PHP max_upload_filesize is at play here; you could change that behavior by installing your own version of PHP or using a custom php.ini setting with DH’s installed PHP - both methods are discussed in these forums at length, and in the DH wiki.


alright - i found an addon that allowed me to copy the webserver’s php.ini and then put it in my directory with a modified upload

but my new question is - DOCman still tells me that the upload limit i set is greater than PHP’s maximum of 7MB. is this supposed to go away, or will it stay there? (Just so I know if the copy was successful (it said it was))

yeah I just tried uploading a file bigger then 7MB and it still didn’t work :confused:

also while we’re at it, another issue i have with DOCman is that I can’t seem to change the colors for the submit screen when uploading (where you name the file and all that)

it won’t let me change it from light gray over white, which is completely unbearable.

This is an example:

i looked everywhere i could to find this, but to no avail. do you know how to possibly change it? (i looked through the CSS folder, did searched, put background-color: black; in as many places as possible, but it still just stayed white.)

As I have no idea what “addon” you have found or what it is supposed to do I don’t know how to respond.

The way to check to see if your PHP environment is set-up for larger file uploads is to run a phpinfo() program and inspect its output; if you have properly configured php.ini, for larger uploads, and your DOCman settings are less than that amount, you should not see this message. The “copy” may well have been successful, but it takes more than copying a php.ini file to your directory for it to be used to change your environment.

I don’t imagine that whatever “addon” you used actually accomplished this in the DreamHost environment. To do this on Dreamhost, you should follow the instruction in the DH wiki (here, and/or here) and then run the phpinfo() program to see if you did it correctly. :wink:


That is properly a subject for another thread. :wink:


nice, it appears as though it worked! :smiley:

i’m attempting to upload a file right now.

Take a look at the “online file storage and sharing” program from WebAsyst ( It costs $390 for the source code software and you can install it yourself. We installed the program on a DreamHost account over a year ago and it works great. About 30 of our clients all over the world each have their own accounts. We can control their access and create both private folders (for each client) and shared folders (that all clients can access). We configured PHP so there are no limits on size of file uploaded (Dreamhost is one of few shared server hosts that let us do that).