Best Support Ever

Message from you (May 23rd, 2007 - 04:42:41 / #1886446)
Subject: Confusing Support
This is getting hell confusing

I register an account with you guys and pay you through google checkout with my credit card

You refund me, after keeping me on hold for almost 4 days, saying I have done fraud with you??? [Just because my IP was of Australia, It aint my fault if my DSL provider is using Aus proxy] and refer me to use Credit Card Form Fax to authenticate my Credit Card

I fax you [after asking you 3 times about country code which you have not mentioned on the form] and when I ask you whether you have received my fax or not you ask me to again pay you through Google Checkout

I login to my account here and there is this “We’re sorry, but you may not make a payment to this account at this time.
You may only make payments on approved accounts.”

Ok honestly when you do something like this to a customer dont you think he is bound to lose his nerve?

What exactly do you want me to do to get hosting from you people can you please clarify for God Sake?

Reply from DreamHost (May 23rd, 2007 - 06:44:26 / #11765492)
Subject: Re: Confusing Support
Hello Saad,

My apologies Saad, but after further research on this, it seems at this
time our bank will not be able to secure /approve the payments made by
you, nor can Google secure the payment. Unfortunately at this time, we
will not be able to accept your hosting request. I do apologize for


Yay I love Your Support…So Helpful Thanks a lot

That’s a real bummer. The only thing I can say is that this happens to a lot of people. DreamHost have been burned in the past, so they have been forced to introduce draconian measures to protect themselves. You are an unlucky victim of circumstance, I’m afraid.

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But the support is great

I love it

Dj, can I ask what country you are from? It seems that applications from certain countries are more likely to experience problems such as you have described.

To be fair to DreamHost, as Simon says, they have had quite a bad time in the past regarding fraudulent applications. I recall seeing a figure posted that stated the fraud rate was around 20%, so you can’t really blame them for implementing their current fraud prevention system. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some innocent people will get caught up in the net.


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but is hosted on Dreamhost too

then why me?


Thanks for the info. I have no idea how Pakistan ranks as far as being a source of fraud, but I am guessing it isn’t in the same league as somewhere like Nigeria. :wink:

Unfortunately, you will probably never know the specific reason(s) that triggered the fraud detection system, DreamHost tends to keep the details under wraps, for obvious reasons.

It does appear that you have run out of options with regards to obtaining hosting here at DreamHost, which really is unfortunate, as I’ve found them to be an excellent host.

I wish you the best of luck and hope things work out for you.


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Sympathies from me as well.

I can only hope that things improve and you can join us at the happiest host on earth! :slight_smile:

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yeh that was happy enough

Bought BlueHost finally

will miss the people here


bye people

wish you a happy life

Pakistan. Hmm. Muslim country next to Afghanistan? Our ally. Or are they?

Could “our bank will not be able to secure /approve the payments” be a euphemism for “you’re on a don’t-do-business-with list” or “we’ve been told not to do business with you”… “but we can’t talk about it because, you know, well, we can’t talk about it because the guys in suits, who never were here, said so, but you didn’t hear it from us.”

BTW, I’m curious - Is stuff like this legal?

Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
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Hate to see things like this happen but from previously owning a hosting company. I can say that I have seen some credit processors deny certain countries and if the IP Address is too far from the actual area you are registering as your address it will set off a flag. Usually it is a point system, if you are through a public proxy it is a big flag. Although, if they don’t keep this policy in place, they could have too many fraudulent charges and lose their ability to process payments.

No payments == no business.

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feel so sad that you can’t join DH.

Some of other ppl had similiar problems before. I did not know that DH had a bad time before. But I do hope DH can improve the payment system so that the group of “some” people are able to join DH :stuck_out_tongue:

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