Best setup for micro sites with subdomains?

Hi all,

I’m sure someone has vetted this question before, and after already having tried to convert to multisite (and created a ton of problems that Ipstenu-DH bailed me out on), I figure I’d ask for opinion before I mess everything up again.

I am trying to create two separate micro sites and i’d like to set them up as subdomains. One of them I want to be semi-private (I don’t mind if random people see it, I just want to tell a small audience the subdomain URL and have them go there directly…I won’t provide links to it on our main site). The other one, I will likely build links to once all the content is there.

For example: (for a semi-private women’s initiative) and (what I want to build links to from our main site)

My question is: do I need to establish a multi-site to achieve this?

I’d prefer keeping it a single site, but I also want to use different themes for each microsite, as they serve very different purposes.

Any advice is very warmly welcomed and much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance.

Using multisites is nice IF you know what you are doing, or you do not mind going through the hard-knocks of learning

However, from your description you might be better off just keeping the sites seperate. You will just have two different wordpress installs in two different directories. You can keep them both under the same USER (who you log into FTP with) but have the sites in different folders.

Since you are not running a ton of websites, you should not have a problem with resources running out. If you start adding a lot of sites (more than 3 or 4) you might consider learning more about Multisites and switching over, because it will make your life easier (than running 5 or more different WordPress installs)

Thanks so much sierra, I’ve already implemented it and love the suggestion. Really didn’t have the knowledge/awareness to have that dawn on me…serves my purposes perfectly.

Really appreciate it!

All best,