Best Practices for Large Wordpress sites?



Hello all!

So I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and my site has grown to be quite large file size wise. Right now with all the databases, images, text, other content etc I am at about 5.7 gigs of files for the entire blog.

I was wondering if there are some best practices or things I should do now that my website is this size and has so much content?

I am currently caching it, I am using just a few low resource plugins and am working on getting an automated backup system going.

Is there other considerations I need to make?


File size is going to grow as you have more images. That’s just a given. Some people use CloudStorage to host their files (it’s called a CDN - Content Distribution Network).

Are you suffering any slowness? I generally don’t bother with a CDN unless I have really large individual files.


No speed seems fine, is there a way to test the speed objectivity so I can determine if it is slow? What should I shoot for in terms of speed?


Google PageSpeed -

That’s a pretty good idea to see what’s bogging your site down. I wrote a little top-down explanation of what to pay attention to when trying to speed up your sites here -

There are a lot of things most of us smaller sites can safely ignore :wink: