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Well no luck what so ever transferring my phpnuke 7.6 Platinum site over to DH. Same problems I read that others have had. Access denied for admin, you can not access this page directly, and so on. Already spent way to many hours trying to fix whatever was wrong to no avail. So I think my best option is to just start over from scratch! Which brings me to my question; What phpnuke version would you all recommend to install here for the smoothest expierence?

I wouldn’t. I don’t know the current state of things, but PHPnuke has had a long history of security problems. You’ll probably be better off with a more modern CMS like Joomla (free) or Expression Engine (free/commercial).

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Drupal is also a very stable and mature CMS.

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Thanks but I do like phpnuke and want to stick with it for now.

I did get it working by changing the mysql from 4 to 5 in the DH control panel.

There are still problems though. Nothing seems to want to work that has to do with adding input to the database. Like my games section, all works fine but scores won’t submit to the database. Same with my chat module, you can type in chat but after hitting post, it does not appear in the chat box nor the database table??

I know it is something simple that I need to change but I don’t know what?

Any ideas?

As I suspected, it was something very simple!

All I needed to do was ad this simple line of code at the end of the mainfile.php file,
and every dam thing started working 100%

Can’t believe an idiot like me figured this out and nobody else could?

Anyway, I hope this helps some other poor lost person struggling to get there phpnuke working here!

To take care of security, I recommend Nuke Evolution. IT is fast due to caching and very secure.