Best mysql DB configuration?

What is better, multiple tables in 1 DB, or multiple tables in multiple DB?

Fox example, is better install wordpress and joomla in a separate database or is better to install all in one database?

try to separate them unless you want to share informations (user database).

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I don’t believe it really makes a big difference, as long as both installs give you an easy way to set a table prefix - to keep data from the installs separate. Sharing the user base will not magically happen by installing to the same database either, it’s not so easy.

Personally, I keep things in separate databases because it’s simpler to keep track of that way - and you’re allowed unlimited DBs by Dreamhost now so there’s not a lot to worry about.

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I’ve tried both ways. First, I had them all in individual databases. Then I condensed them into one.

When it came time to move from my old host to DreamHost, I was faced with this massive database to deal with. Fortunately, ssh helped a ton, but if I didn’t have it, it would have sucked big time.

When I moved over, I decided to use separate databases for applications. Another benefit to having them separate is that I can specify the backup frequency differently for each application’s database depending on usage.

In the end it depends on your needs and what you see for your site in the long run. Also, if you want your apps to share data, you need to check that multiple dbs are supported. That was the reason I consolidated in the first place. Now, the apps can share user data without having to be in the same database.


As thu says, most of the concerns are organizational and administrative as opposed to being driven by explicit application concerns.

Keeping things separate makes it easy to have separate backups, rollbacks, etc. Remember, it’s not just the backup schedule that is independent, but it’s easier to restore an entire backup rather than to have to pick and choose the particular application tables you want to restore.

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I’ll suggest you to install databases separately.

The benefit is as what Lesman mentioned, you can backup, restore, manage them separately, independently. If you want to change something for joomla, it does not affect your wordpress.

And you can have different database users (admins) to manage them.

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