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what is the best free forum script?
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The three that seem to be favorites of the folks who regularly post here seem to be phpBB, SMF, and myBB. If you post a little more about what’s important to you, I’m sure you can get some more elaborate comparisons. :slight_smile:

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One click is best.


I heard of Vanilla (

I would like to use it. But I don’t know how to install it on my DreamHost server.

Is that possible?


From looking at the server requirements on their site, you should be able to install it on DreamHost. :slight_smile:



Thanks, rL!
But I’m fuzzy as to the details of how to upload it. Where is the uploading link in the panel.

It says something about having to pay. I thought that’s what I paid for in the first place–hosting capabilities.



First, you should review the documentation on installing vanilla.

You can upload the (numerous) files that are part of the vanilla package via an FTP client program (see the DH Wiki article on FTP) or via the DH “WebFTP” feature in the Control Panel.

“Installation”, however, involves more than just uploading the files. In addition to uploading the files, you need to create a MySQL database for use by the vanilla program. This is done from within the Control Panel, using the Control Panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL screen(s).

Once you have done that. and have uploaded all the files to the proper location on your server, you can proceed by following the instructions provided by the vanilla folks to complete the installation.

One note: On DreamHost, you should not set file permissions to “777” on the “./conf” directory. Because DreamHost uses suEXEC, “755” is the appropriate setting for this directory’s permissions.

That almost sounds as though you have a “registration only” account. Do you have a hosting plan at DreamHost? If so, you will not need to pay anything else to set up and run/host a vanilla forum. If, however, you only have a domain registration at DreamHost, and have not established a “hosting plan”, you will need to do that first, and you will have to pay for the hosting plan.

Registration and Hosting are two separate services, and they have their own charges associated with them (though every hosting plan comes with a “free” domain registration, it doesn’t work the “other way around”.) :wink:



BTW, if you only have a domain registration and not a hosting plan, you can still set up your domain to use one of the free forum web services. There’s less control with one of those and you may be subject to advertising, but it is free.

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Thanks for the detailed breakdown, rl.

I do have a hosting plan with Dreamhost because my blog is hosted with them.

So I’m not sure where I was going wrong. I will have a look at the Wiki/the rest of the discussion forum/ and your suggestions… and I’ll get back to see if I have any further issues.

Once again, thank you for your time and patience.

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One other thing you may want to consider is the ability to integrate the forum into other software. Content management systems, like joomla or drupal for example, have plugins available that allow logging in on the cms to also login on the forum. If you want a bit more than just a forum this may be something to bear in mind too.

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My preference goes to phpbb.

The most simple and efficient to create a forum, imho :wink:
If you haven’t got much time, and want to see what the new phpbb3 can offer, just try it out on this host : create forum

Hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile:


Check out this great forum software comparison site:

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