Best email setup for GMAIL?


Hi all.

I have three email addresses hosted by dreamhost (IMAP) and am wondering about the best way to set them up for easy retrieval? I am interested in shifting all my mail interaction to a single Gmail account.

The specific question is …

If I just forward the three dreamhost hosted addreses to a gmail account and then use that as my main email client (on PC or iphone or whatever)… what stops the Dreamhost boxes just filling up? (as simply by forwarding the mails it will not flag them as ‘read’).

Many thanks for any help.



Are you moving your domain’s email to google apps, or just forwarding to or something similar?

If you’re just forwarding, then you can change your email to a forwarder and it won’t keep the email at DreamHost.

If you’re talking about switching to Google Apps email, it’s not ‘easy’ nor does Google explain it well :confused:

I ended up using the temp alias of and having all my new emails sent to forwarded there instead.

Then I opened up both my email on my server and google as (yes, the ‘real’ email address) in my mail app, and copied over all my emails to the Google account.

Once that was done, I changed my email to forward to

Finally, I changed the MX records to use google and not my server.