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I’ve read tons and tons of threads complaining about Godaddy’s domain registrar. I currently have one .ws domain with them (had no other choice) and I was planning to move all my other domains in.

I do not use their email boxes whatever; I just registar, change DNS settings and leave my domains there so I can keep track.

Am I doing the right thing or should I go some place else? If it’s appropriate to change registrars, where should I go? (apart from Namecheap and eNom).


While I can’t recommend any, I will say that it is a good idea to avoid iPower like the plague.

Their software for registering is flaky at best, I tried to buy a few domains through them only to be told 4 days later that they had no record of my registering the domains, and that I should go through their sign-up and register them again.

Also a friend of mine has had billing issues with them as well, I believe he was charged twice for the one domain.

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That friend would be me :slight_smile:

To be fair to iPower, they did reverse the second charge before I had a chance to query it. However, they have now charged my credit card for another A$0.03 and I have absolutely no idea why.


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