Best CMS Program



Hey everybody, (Hi dr. nick!)

So I’m trying to decide the best CMS for my needs, and here’s what I’m going to be doing:

The site will be entirely developed and maintained by me - all content will be mostly static with news updates periodically posted on the front page. The real meat of the site will be user generated groups and their content developed from within these groups. I want each group to have their own page where they can post relevant content and interact with other group members. There will also be a forum where anyone, irrespective of their group membership, will be able to go.

I have looked at several options, including Joomla with Groupjive module, Drupal with organic groups, etc. I’m trying to decide which one will be the simpliest to administrate without going through too much hacking. I’m somewhat technical in nature but I prefer to work more on marketing / promoting the site as opposed to going through administrative issues.

Any ideas?


Asking about the “best CMS” program is a lot like asking “What’s the best editor” … different programs excel at different things. :wink:

From what you have described … I’d be leaning toward Joomla. but other s may well feel differently.