What are the benefits to Dreamhost over Powweb? I do blogging with MovableType, WordPress, and I do Podcasting.

It’s hard to compare but a quick check and I found some benefits:

  • you get a free domain reg. with Dreamhost (use it now when signing up or use it later)
  • no limit to #domains under 1 plan
  • bandwidth and disk space limits go up each week
  • one-click install of Mambo

It’s best if you check this list of their included services and decide what’s best for you.

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Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

I was also deciding between these two when looking for hosting. I chose Dreamhost for some of these reasons.

-one free domain for the life of the hosting instead of just one year.

-disk storage increases weekly (amount depends on the plan you get)

-unlimited domains and sub domains

Yes, DreamHost a) comes with ONE-CLICK INSTALLS of not only WordPress but also Gallery, Joomla and MediaWiki, etc.; and b) allows hosting of UNLIMITED number of DOMAINS in 1 single account. Enough said. :wink:

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Me again… decided to register for the forums.

A couple more questions… How hard is it to add additional domains? On Powweb, you have to use .htaccess on the main site to do redirects. While this may work, it isn’t the best implementation in my opinion (not that I know of a better way). For example:

Domain Pointers

RewriteEngine On
Options +FollowSymlinks

The Riverbend Podcast

RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !music/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ music/$1 [L]

Yecch! On Dreamhost you just add them easily via the control panel that comes with your main account. This link tells you about the Domain tab on the main panel menu.

If you already have a domain to transfer over, that’s also possible. You get a free domain reg. with a new account and you can use it later if you don’t know what new domain to register at the time you sign up.

All I can say is it’s easy and works. It has actually encouraged me to register and add a couple domains that I probably wouldn’t have just because of the hassles you mentioned. With one-click Mambo it was easy to put up a site in minutes.

So Dreamhost has turned me into a domain grabber :slight_smile:


Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

Pardon the pun, but Dreamhost sounds like a dream for domains then. When my time is up with Powweb, I might have to consider moving then.

You might want to order a month or so before so you have time to copy over/upload your site and then switch the dns wherever your domain is registered to point to Dreamhost nameservers when ready.

You can always cancel within 97 days so actually I suggest you order like 3 months before your time is up and that gives you time to play and confirm everything’s dreamy and if not there’s time to switch elsewhere or at least renew with (cough cough) those other guys.

Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.