Being redirected to localhost/ on my site, but visitors can connect fine

I recently switched to a different VPS at Dreamhost’s suggestion after some strange load issues on my (Wordpress) site.

After resolving problems with Wordfence preventing my site from loading at all, everything was okay for a short time. But over the past couple days I’ve been getting increasingly frequent errors where any attempt to connect to my site at all redirects me to (localhost). At first it was every once in a while, now it’s almost every single time. I just tried every couple minutes for the past half hour or so and only on like the 10th try was I able to connect. …And as I was writing this, I got the error again.

Site visitors haven’t reported the problem, it only seems to affect me, the site owner, as far as I can tell. I’ve confirmed it in multiple browsers and cleared cookies/cache, but that’s about the extent of my ability to troubleshoot this.

I’ve tried looking for help on this and found nothing that sounded similar, so I probably used the wrong terms. Anyone have any idea where I should even start on something like this? I did put a ticket in just under two days ago but since support hasn’t processed it just yet, I thought I’d give this a shot too.

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