Beginning PHP Question

I want to make sure my concept is right before I start. I would appreciate any advice.

I want to give my customer a form so she can upload PDF files to a webpage. Please bear with me if what I am stating is the obvious.

  1. She will need FTP access into a password protected folder to hold the PDF’s.
  2. I would like to make this as simple as possible so she would need a form and type the PW and ID to get into it.
  3. I think I could find a file upload script so that she would browse for her files and upload them to the folder.
  4. I need a template in which she could (a) specify some text as to a new uploaded file’s description. (b) link to the new file. I guess this text is passed to a variable and displayed on the page.
  5. I’m not sure how the links on the xhtml page gets updated to reflect replacement or new files.
    There must be examples of this sort of thing, but I can’t find them. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

I used this, I know nothing about php, scripting, etc. and found it very easy to set up.

they have a demo of the simple file manager. I did discover it was better to use their username/password, rather than htaccess. I couldn’t get the htaccess file to hide properly.


Thanks. That gets the files onto the server. I now understand how to echo the text from an html form and have it show up in on a php webpage (sorry that this is so basic), but I am not clear how to create a link (via the form?) to access the new files that are sitting in the directory from the text output page.
I want the output page to contain two elements for each file, a descriptor text and Open File.

I think the files in the directory may need renaming and putting in an array and then some kind of open file command, but this is as far as I have thought at the moment. If I am on the right track (or the wrong one) I would appreciate input.