Beginner's question about oscommerce

OK before I start, I need to say I am very new to this website thing. I subscribed to dreamhost a few weeks ago and installed oscommerce, but now want to delete it and add the software for a forum to my site. I can’t seem to be able to do that. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

You don’t need to delete it to insatll a forum, they’re ‘compatable’. However to remove oscommerce all that you need to do is FTP into your account, and delete all of the files associated with it. For instance if you installed it at you could just delete the entire store directory.

Then from the Panel you can delete the database it’s using.

That’s it! Oscommerce is gone, and you can get your blog.


Thank you for the reply. However, this is how new I am… I’m not sure if I have a FTP. This is what I did: Under Web Admin Panel, under “Goodies”, I used “One-Click Installs” I clicked osCommerce store but I realized I need the “phpBB Forum”. Like I said whenever I try to install the forum software I get this email:

We were unable to set up phpbb as requested.

The problem was your directory was not empty!
Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
phpbb installation request.

Once again, anyone who is less new and knows what they’re doing please feel free to chime in. Thanks.

Ok, you’ve got two options. You can delete the files with FTP, or you can install the forum in an directory - ie. you’d set the install place to be

You might find the k-base helpful for more into about FTP.

First to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) you’ll need an FTP client. If you’re in windows I like filezilla I think the K-base reccomends cutFTP. Next you’ll need to put in the details to connect to your domain. just make a new connection, or use the quick connect you’ll find going across the screen near the top. for ftp address just fill in the user name and password will be the user you set up with the domain, not the one you use to log into the panel. (if you need to double check, log into the panel > Domains > Manage > click edit across from the domain in question. the usre selected to run CGI as is the one you need to log in with)

So, fill in the user/pass and click connect. if you’ve got everythign filled in right, you’ll get a listing of folders that looks something like logs, maildir, double click on to open that folder. Now select and delete all of the files here. that will clear out oscommerce. (do what I said above to delete the database)

If you get an error about the directory not being empty ( I don’t think you will using filezilla) you’ll need to find the setting in your FTP client to show hidden files - once that’s ticked try deleting them again.

Search the forum for more posts about how to set up an FTP client - There’s bunches.

Hope this helps…


Thank you matttail, for your help. I am not sure what I did, I did some of what you detailed and eventually was able to get the forum installed.