Beginner study website

I want to learn web development from basic i have a basic knowledge of HTML,CSS and JS what can i do?

Do you have a computer? Does that run Windows or Mac OS: then the easiest thing is to install something like If your computer runs Linux, then install locally Apache, MySQL, PHP and start playing around. There are dozens of good guides for you to get started: use google creatively, think about joining a local user group (head to and see what’s available in your area). Check community college classes, online classes on coursera or edx and other online teaching environments…

This should get you started. Have fun!

Don’t forget all the free courses you can get from or I have taken web development courses on both those sites and recommend them. And the price is right: free.

you can also improve your knowledge here, I learn HTML here, also in youtube you can find video courses in any topic, and can find solutions for any problem :smiley: good luck you

Yeah I agree… are great they start from root and stem