Beginner questions for domain setup?


Hi all.
Just starting out.
I am transferring nameservers for a domain (a .at domain one)
that i bought at godaddy to my DH account.
I went to the “add a domain” page, and could anyone give
me any pointers on which options to choose? php 5.2 or 5.3 and fastcgi?
What should I choose to type in the box for home/username/ for web directory? Page speed optimization? Cloudflare?
I am going to run the site as a Wordpress blog with all possible latest features etc.
Also using Piwik analytics for various reasons.
Or, if there’s a wiki or tutorial for all this…
Thanks a lot.


Speaking for WordPress :slight_smile:

Use 5.3 FastCGI

WebDirectory will be filled in for you as (leave it alone, you’ll be fine).

Page Speed Optomization is good. I’d leave CloudFlare off for now. You probably don’t need it yet.


Can I ask just as an aside then, is it possible to create posts in WP and then backdate them so they look as if they were posted last year? Just need to make a portfolio site etc. Thanks so much.


Yes indeed! :smiley:

When you make your posts, there’s a way to ‘schedule’ your posts:

What you’ll do is schedule them to be in the past, hit publish, and you’re good to go.


thank you very much Ipstenu