Beginner question about installation



I have set up my domain name and have done the Wordpress 1-clck install. I don’t know what to do next!
How do I use Wordpress?
I thought it would download a dashboard to use or something to that effect.
Any help and advice much appreciated. Also, although this is a very basic question I am fairly computer-proficient!

Additional Information: I have just read something that says I should have received an email with a passport and link etc. Might try and re-install it…


To start using WordPress on your site go here:
Once you have set up your account you’ll be able to edit your domain!
Hope this helped! Let me know if there is anything else :slight_smile:


That link doesn’t work… it just says the page could not be found.

I un-installed it and re-installed it (Wordpress) and I received the email again with the link but that won’t work either.

Help! :slight_smile:


The “” part needs your actual domain that you are trying to edit. (Just wanted to clarify on that)

If that isn’t the issue, what error message are you getting? And how long ago did you install WordPress on the domain?


HWard, I took a look at your site, and while your DNS is set up correctly, it looks like you didn’t actually register the domain name yet, or if you did, the purchase isn’t completed.

I went to and looked up yoru domain, only to report back that it wasn’t yet registered.