Beginner needs help

Hello. I am brand new to having a webhost and domain name. I asked for WordPress to be uploaded onto my site when I purchased my hosting package. I don’t even know where to begin…how to access anything. I think I’m in way over my head here. Anyone know how to get me to my site and working on WordPress?


Go to and then click on Goodies. Click on “One-Click Installs”, select “Wordpress”, type in your site (where to put it), and create a database for it (fill in the fields). Let us know if you have any questions with doing that.

Well, you’ve found the forum, and made a post, so you probably now know everything you need to know to do the rest :slight_smile:

Explore your web panel, follow the other posters instructions for installing wordpress.

READ every screen you see and when you come looking for help, try to be as specific as possible,

Do not do: “Wordpress does work!”

Do: “I clicked on xx and it showed this message: xxxx”

And don’t panic. There is nothing you can do wrong that can’t be fixed…