Beginner dns question


forgive me if I incorrectly use terms, because I am kind of reaching with this stuff right now.

basically, I have a domain registered with godaddy right now (doesn’t expire for another year), and I host my site and email with dreamhost.

I want to make some changes to the MX records on my domain, and I thought that since I registered with godaddy that they would be the only place I could make these changes. unfortunately, godaddy doesn’t give its users “total dns control” unless the nameservers are pointing to their servers… I can’t do that because I want to continue hosting with dreamhost.

however I just noticed the option to edit dns information in the dreamhost panel. can I really make changes to the MX records from the dreamhost panel?

by the way, I am wanting to make these changes to try out the “gmail for your domain” thing.

thanks for any help


sorry to bump this, but this is still bothering me.

anyone have advice?


Since you seem desperate for a reply, I’ll give you a desperate reply. From what I’ve seen of the MX records here, they’re weighted as a 0, which as I recall, puts them first in line. And they’re not editable or deletable. I don’t know how to overcome that.

Here’s another thread on the Gmail for your domain topic: