Beginner Crontab Question


I’m trying to get a cron to work, and I’m following the directions from the DH wiki, but it’s not running and I’m not getting any e-mail. I uploaded a text file, and ran it using the ‘crontab myfile.txt’ command, checked it with ‘crontab -l’, and I’m not getting anything. Here’s what I have uploaded:

          • /dh/cgi-system/php5.cgi /home/myuser/

I’m sure it’s something simple. Any ideas?


Well, you’re telling it to run every minute, which is a lot.

Does your test-cron.php work on its own? Does it actually produce output (just checking)?

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Thank you for the response. I think I figured it out. I was pointing to the wrong file, and I think I remember from previous experience with a different host that the e-mail address has to be something in the same domain, which would explain why I didn’t get any e-mails?

In any case, I got the cron to work. Thank you!