Beginner: An easy walkthrough for installing Trac?


Hello everyone.

I have been struggling with installing Trac on my dreamhost account, unfortunately there’s no one-click install to go with my subversion install ;<

I know there’s this script that I can run which is supposed to ease the whole process, but I keep getting errors such as
’trach-admin’ is not a known bash command etc. At first I thought I had specified the wrong path, and perhaps I have.

Hope someone can give me a guide that is truly meant for beginners, by that I mean that it would be great if there were examples of what I could enter when running the script so that I get it right :slight_smile: (I have created a trac sub-domain, and my svn install is on its own subdomain as well)

Hope someone have the time to guide me through this :slight_smile:


Uh, what’s Trac? Have a URL for info? I’m looking for time/project tracking for my site.


The only issue with it is that it’s supposedly very difficult to set up with DreamHost, hence why I’m looking for some help :slight_smile:


I fought with installing trac for a full week last month. I finally gave up and installed Bugzilla. That turned out to be a breeze.


Wahoo! I finally got it working – The automatical install script did its job and everything seems fine as of now :slight_smile: I only have some minor issues with figuring out what was supposed to go where when it asked for input but I got it working :slight_smile:


I know that this is not a fresh thread, but if you could post a guide for what-was-supposed-to-go-where (assuming it is DH specific paths and the like) that would be appreciated. Thanks --c


Have you seen the DreamHost Wiki article on Trac? I think you may find what you need there!

–DreamHost Tech Support


This will not solve your problem, but offers some excellent Trac/Subversion hosting, private and public, for free (up to 500mb per project). Setup is as easy as filling out a form. I’ve been using them since I gave up on getting Trac to run here…


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Replying to myself…

I had to test it again to install Trac here and failed again. I used the script provided here:

It installed successfully and I was able to bring up the Trac page (which took hours to load) and login using the default login provided. After login I clicked on “Preferences” and filled out my name and email address, hit submit and since then I get this error on every single Trac page

[quote]Trac detected an internal error:

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘urlsafe_b64encode’
Any ideas? Seems like a problem with Python? But why does it work for the others? I created a new user account for the Trac install.


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