Beginer theme install problem, help needed!


First of all have to say that I am new to this platform and I think I have made a bit of a mistake and spent some cash without getting any results.

So I have an account on and bought a theme from, first I thought I could get them to work on by just using those two websites (totally my bad). So I got the host from Dreamhost but for some reason I can’t get it to work at all.

The problem is that I keep on reading that under apparance menu there is a link to an INSTALL THEME, but I cant find that anywhere, could it be that I am using and not the software from

It’s really annoying me as I have spent around 200 dollars all together and would love to just start working around the site. Every piece of info would be appreciated.

ps: When I got the email from Dreamhost to make an admin user at: it goes to the site but gives out: page not found

Yes. You cannot use to upload themes.

Are you sure the email from Dreamhost said to go to and not