Before I Signup

I already have a hosting site, but want to change as i need more space, and they are expensive…
I want to pay monthly, a friend of mine who is signed up with you, has given me a code, will i be using this code after i register domain name?
I also see u have a promotion up

I’m just confused on the signing up packages,

How much would I have to pay if i had the Monster Package monthly pay?
Would i still get a discount with the code i was given on top of monster package…

Also other sites are offering free install of IPB Board, why not you?

Firstly, I should point out that this forum is mainly user to user, the folks from DreamHost do post on here at times, but not too often.

Having said this, I will try my best to answer your questions.

The ‘L3 Code Monster’ package is currently on special and available for the same price as the ‘L2 Sweet Dreams’ package. This is about half of what the package previously cost and this lower cost is for as long as you keep the package.

Since you wish to pay monthly, the cost is $19.95 per month plus a $49.95 setup fee for a total first payment of $69.90 (and $19.95 per month after that).

Yes, assuming the promo code you were given was created to give a discount for monthly plans.

The max discount that a promo code can apply to the ‘L3 Code Monster’ monthly plan is $60, but the actual amount of the discount will depend on the person who created the promo code.

You enter the promo code during step 5 (‘Verify Total’) of the sign-up process, just before you approve payment.

I hope the above has been of some use to you.


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Thanks for the info

But I have been offered free install eslewhere

I need to think about things

No problem, I am always glad to help if I can.

Free is always good :slight_smile:


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It’s not that hard to install ipb yourself you know. It’s just a matter of following instructions. I stopped using invision a long time ago because the guy who made it (after abandoning ikonboard) said it would always be free yet he started charging for it completely it seems like. I just don’t agree with that sort of thing. Get phpbb instead :slight_smile: just as good, if not better. And a zillion mods you can add to it.

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